Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I get the same high quality results with a packaged lighting set from a retail store?

A: No. Boxed light sets have a pre-determined style selection and maximum length of wire, which restricts light placement while offering no flexibility on bulb choice. Also, these transformers typically do not provide multiple voltage taps to compensate for voltage drops, resulting in inconsistent brightness from one fixture to another. Simply stated, professional grade fixtures offer better durability and more options resulting in a better long-term value.

Q: When should I have low-voltage landscape lighting installed?

A: Any time is the right time. Landscape lighting with Radiance LED can be easily incorporated into your existing landscape. Call AZOL for a free demo to see how your yard can be the envy of the block.

Q: Why use 12-volt lighting?

A: Low-voltage lights are safe and economic. They offer a wider variety of lamps and fixtures, including the exciting Radiance LED technology that offers a warm, inviting light that is far more energy efficient than other bulbs. Low voltage also provides better accuracy and quality of light (Kelvin temperature) truer to the color of sunlight than 120-volt lamps.

Q: Are all lamps (bulbs) created equal?

A: No. Radiance LED lights are the future of lighting. Click here for more info. Though previous technology offered tungsten halogen lamps, which produce a whiter, more intense light than incandescent lamps of comparable wattage, LED lighting promises to not only meet, but exceed, the quality of halogen, allowing you to achieve excellent color rendition and maintain consistent lumen output for the life of the lamp.

Q: How important is voltage?

A: Absolutely critical. Proper voltage determines luminescent consistency and life expectancy of Radiance LED lamps. The job of the transformer is to reduce 120-volt power to a safe, energy-efficient and economical 12-volt current. A low-voltage transformer is the heart of a professional landscape lighting system. AZOL uses multi-tap transformers to compensate for distances where voltage drop may occur. Correctly installed, the life expectancy of LED bulbs is 50,000+ hours (that’s about 17 YEARS when used 8 hours per night!).

Q: How can I get started?

A: Call Arizona Outdoor Landscape Lighting LLC at 602 525 5800 or click here to send a Demo/Consultation Request.

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